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"I have been very impressed with your work. I believe your lighting plot and camera work are unparalleled. Providing an intimate and supportive space for actors to take risks is indeed a unique, refreshing asset in the cruel audition environment." Ron Leach - Casting Director

"The actor self-tapes that come out of Joseph Kell's studio are absolutely unparalleled." John Buchan- Casting Director

  Joseph Kell Video Services

Actors need facilities to put auditions on tape. When you can't be in the room, even if the "room" is in New York, Toronto, Rome, or anywhere else in the world, we will stream to the internet for nearly instant viewing by the people casting the project. Or, the audition can be burned to DVD. Actor/filmaker Joseph Kell has filled the need for this often required service.

Each performer is lit carefully and body miked for optimum quality. The audition is shot on a 24p system for a beautiful film look.

Audition Sample Reel

Photographic Services

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" movie trailer - a children's film, made by Joseph Kell and friends